A’int We Got Fun


In the 1920’s during the “ragtime” era of music there was a song whose lyrics went like this:


Does this lyric resonate with a certain irony to anyone else out there?  I for one am so happy that we got this “bail-out” for the wealthiest US citizens just in the nick of time.  Wow, that was close.  Can you imagine what would have happened if they had not received this “bail-out.”  I mean, gosh, they’ve only had these tax-breaks for only about 8 years.  I mean, for Christ sake, that’s not enough time to build enormous wealth… and certainly not enough time to not only build that wealth but then create jobs for, you know, the lower “masses.”  And what with the hit that many of them had to take two years ago, leaving many of them with only several millions.  Forget putting food on the table or a roof over your children’s head.  These wealthy had “real” problems after that financial debacle.
Can you even imagine having to cancel the order on your new Bentley, or cancel the usual holiday ski trip to Gstaad?  The horror.  The shame.  Don’t even get me started on those poor wealthy people who could no longer afford the summer rental in the Hamptons, or worse yet, having to just forgo that third home.

I am so glad the Republicans got into office just in time.  Now, we are going to see these wealthy individuals and corporations being allowed to have some breathing room.  Not have to deal with the threat of those “pesky” under
privileged who are always such a nuisance.  The wealthiest in the country and those corporations who are making billions now, even in this lousy economy, will get around to creating jobs and getting our country back on track when they have time to think.  Not with all these less fortunate people screaming at them constantly.  Give them a break.  Let them come up with a strategy for job-creation while they are relaxing in the south of France.

Also, something that simply must be mentioned at this juncture: Yes, many of these same individuals and corporations had a hand in the loss of wealth for many hard-working citizens of the US, through the ending of their pensions and melt-down of their 401(K)’s.  But hey, listen, they were doing what they were doing.  Ronald Reagan took away all their regulations and they were able to act freely.  They technically didn’t do anything wrong.  They could do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted.  How indignant that they should have to answer for their responsibility in all of this.  They have been cosseted all along.  It isn’t fair.  Just leave them alone.  Obama and his “change we can believe in” rhetoric was just so in-their-self-righteous face.

One more thing: If they had not had little George-y W. Bush on their side, giving them these tax-breaks all along, while financing his wars through borrowing from China, and taking away more and more from those, once again, “pesky” regular hard working US citizens… well, can you imagine the predicament they would be in?  Remember, George-y himself would have been a n’er-do-well if it wasn’t for his Daddy, big George-y, using his money and influence to get little George-y W. into Yale.  He would not have been our President if it wasn’t for catering to the wealthiest in the country (his “base” as he has always referred to them).  He’s not to blame.  He was only taking care of himself and his legacy.  Like those wealthy friends of his that he helped to become even wealthier, he’ll get around to taking care of those “less fortunate” in the country eventually.  Eight years in office is not a whole lot of time to be able to get things done.

Those jobs are going to be created.  That wealth is going to “trickle-down.”  We will all benefit from the “bail-out” for the wealthiest in this country, but damn it, we have to be patient.  Republicans know best.  This high-energy Obama, with all his “do-good” intentions and desire to get things done quickly is just not the way the ones who are pulling the puppet strings like to see things done.

Now, this is my segue-way into our electorate in this US of America, and their “funny” way of thinking.  Even though our President Obama told everyone, over and over again, that it would take time to get us back on track, that it would take time, and we would need the sacrifice of everyone, well… that was some nice talk, but really.  We need things quickly.  We can’t save for them.  That’s the reason us US citizens have to run up so much on our credit cards.  We need things right away; we can’t wait for time!  Jesus!  “HE” (meaning Obama) isn’t doing enough.  We’re petulant, and if we don’t get what we want in a cyber-second then we must just have a snit-fit, melt-down, temper-tantrum, vote-’em-out-of-office, hysterical hissy-fit.  That’s what we do.  Just as the wealthy should never have to suffer the indignities of tax-cuts or helping those less fortunate, so our electorate in the country should never be told that they need to stop behaving like a bunch of emotional 13 year-olds.

Everything was working out fine under George-y W. Bush.  Yes, nothing constructive got done, and our deficit went spiraling out of control, but everything “appeared” to be ok and like the Eisenhower years all over again.  We could all deal with that.  Well, if you were white, straight, upper middle-class to wealthy, and all your ducks were in a row… I mean, then all was fine.  Then this Obama starts stirring up the pot.  Honestly.

I’m sorry, have I come across as a tad sarcastic in this latest installment to my blog?  What the hell is going on?  Jobs are not going to be created with this latest tax-break to the wealthy.  They will keep more of it themselves and make the ones who have jobs just work harder for less.  Just so long as it looks as if Obama is not successful, and his programs for change are squashed beyond recognition.

The Tea Partiers in the country, the electorate who voted out the Democrats, the US citizens who did not even vote, none of them have any answers, no solutions.  But they can throw a fit like no others.  I see our general US society becoming more and more like the Mary Tyler Moore character in the movie “Ordinary People.”  We like things neat and easy.  We can’t handle mess.  We can’t handle the truth.  We’d rather be lied to like during the George-y W. Bush years (while more and more of our rights are being undermined or out-and-out taken away from us), as long as things “appear” to be ok.  We don’t like not hearing what we want to hear.  We get pissed and petulant and mean when we don’t hear what we want to hear.

I know those of you who read my blogs regularly see this as me preaching to the choir again, but I do hope that you take my thoughts to others out there that have a different way of thinking.

It is the beginning of 2011.  This vehicle called our society, our country, our way of life is clearly out of control and more and more being steered by ignorant, selfish, lunatics.

Buy hey, a’int we got fun!? -JAB



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